OFR 400 – My First Time

Open Forum Radio – Episode 400

OFR Season 9 (Episode 21) – OFR 400 – My First Time

Tuesday, April 17th  2018 9:30/10:00 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Vladz, Jason, Chris @coldfinger007

(Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com)  

We’ve got 400 down but it feels like the first time in many ways… especially because we have two first time podcaster Chris with us tonight.

  • We asked the OFR and greater Twitter webs community for advice for 1st time podcaster Chris on what they have learned about podcasting wanted to pass along.
  • Play Bluemanrule clip
  • Convey other advice from the community
    1. Faitios: “Just podcast for fun, but never assume other people are just having fun. A lot of podcasters take them self WAY to serious. Avoid them at all cost.”
    2. Anthony Alex: “Podcast because you love it. People can hear the fun and that builds the audience. Don’t chase listeners. Don’t be a slave to an outline but learn to keep a pace. Don’t let it drag. Listen to your shows as a listener to improve it. Keep reading to a bare minimum.”
  • Vladz: Find something you want to talk about, make show notes as a guide, don’t read them, make a shorter show and do it well rather than a long show poorly managed, edit, Any Video Converter is the BEST!, the sound quality is as important as the content, back-ups!!, guests with varied points of view is better than everyone agreeing, if possible… have a female co-host, be nice to people, Tell the listener what they are going to hear on your show by bullet point, teaser clip, or creative intros – have fun with it or don’t do it. Have fun the listeners can tell try to keep listeners engaged ask for feedback, don’t write bad word on itunes , don’t chew food on mic or breathe heavy lmao bring energy don’t be boring lol If hosting, try to keep the truck or show rollin’ at all costs


New Star Wars Battlefront 2 mode will let you play as Ewoks


Kratos and his son Atreus sit in a canoe in the middle of a lake reading about their perfect review score Digital Foundry says phenomenal visual technology

  • It looks pretty sweet, but then again… .this is from the same folks that gave Far Cry 5 a Score of 6.5 (boo)

Shenmue and Shenmue 2 coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

Incredibles 2 Official Trailer

Whiskey tells us what it like to join the PC master race with his ‘First Time’ with a gaming laptop with a GTX 10 series graphics card.

Best & Worst 🖕 of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Blues at local brewery Worst: Wasted time this Saturday trying to start a COD game, click connect to xbox live then attempt to connect to Call of Duty servers just to say it lost the connection and start all over again!!   

Best: Sister joined my church Worst: Managing game time (Damnit)

best: sons school band    worst: lost power from ice storm

Best: New Asus ROG Laptop (it’s fancy) Worst: Ok Mother Nature, I think we’ve all had enough now

Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

Lost in Space, Walking Dead, Gotham  Deception, Far Cry 5, Lost In Space, Roseanne, Lost in Space, PUBG, I will be lost in settings and such on this new PC me and vlad have the same cycle. Lol . far cry 5 codww2

OFR Get Together

June 23rd & 24th in Nashville, TN!

  • AMP (Anthony and Drew should be joining us)
  • Larry ‘Bluemanrule’ OFR co-founder
  • Everyone is welcome!


  • NFL
    • NFL regular-season schedule coming Thursday
  • NBA Playoffs
  • NHL


Shout-outs:  🖕 David the IT guy at work for the laptop specs, and for loading all the software on it for me thank you so much, OFR Crew, 🖕 Sam (our gamerscore obsessed friend from work) just passed the 300,000 gamerscore mark this weekend. OFR crews past & present, everyone who gave feedback, Chris for having his 1st time on OFR,     Ofr crew , extreme shaft , blueman and scar , rocketchip , my son and his school band . double a , jake and chris good luck pulling for ya , meef j , and holy headshot feel better , community and listeners , hope to see ya in nashville My sis Michele & all of our listeners throughout the years, thanks