OFR 413 – Mob Rules

Open Forum Radio – Episode 413

OFR Season 9 (Episode 34) – Mob Rules

Tuesday, July 17th  2018 10:00 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Vladz, Jason

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Mobsence One week ago, two Guild Wars 2 narrative designers, Jessica Price and Peter Fries, were fired after Price called out a player of the game on Twitter, prompting widespread backlash. Since then, mobs have turned loose….. Prompting studios have had to take a hard look at their own social media policies.

  • Developers ‘out there’ playing game with, replying to tweets, sharing their personal social accounts with the community is a double edge sword. It is awesome to have that quick interaction with someone who’s game or studio you admire. It is also dangerous for them because it opens them up to negativity founded or otherwise that can put their jobs or whatever jeopardy. Some people have no chill and can be downright vindictive.


    • What about online multiplayer games. Do you think we’ve gotten any better or worse with bullies or language?


Uncharted movie Fan made starring Nathan Fillion and it is Awesomeness!


This past Friday was another Friday the 13th and it looks like the LAST Friday the 13th for the game Last month, the ongoing legal battles over the rights of the Friday the 13th franchise caught up with the game, bringing its development to a halt.


From Slasher’s mouth to Xbox’s ears –  Xbox One X And S get Dolby Vision support


Derek: Let’s hear about the TaptheCraft Meet-up


New OFR segment: OFR hero of the week. This week’s and 1st ever winner is Meefj for his pool parking lot lesson.

Best 😀 & Worst 🖕 of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: New Baby Goat Worst: Hot as balls

Best: Being a weekend bum Worst: Back in the 100’s

Best: tap the craft meet up best: so much to do in the summer this week godsmack/shinedown baby


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)

COD WWII, Assassin Creed Origins, Amazon Prime  cod ww2 with my son we are unstoppable lol , tap the craft meetup , how it ends on netflix , don’t bother  Queen of the South Ssn 2,  Annihilation, F*ck, That’s Delicious  



  • NFL 🏈
    • Ready for OFR FF
    • TO no show



  • Hulk is back in WWE Hall of Fame after 3 year suspension


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