OFR 437 – Make Data Great Again

  1. Happy OFR New Year!
    • How was your New Years?
  1. Netflix says over 45 million accounts watched Bird Box
  1. Streaming TV
  1. Data Caps are stupid
    • Go to the 8:20 this clip:
    • And mobile now what? just like Google and Facebook as applications, your phone is watching and listening to you
      1. Repeal of Internet Privacy rules means your mobile carrier will be tracking everything you do
    • What to do if you are reaching that cap and still want to stream TV content
      1. Who has data caps
    • Want to complain? Here you go: FCC Complaint Form
    • How does Net Neutrality fit into this?
    • Want to protect your online privacy and tired of slow speeds? Then VPN is for you: Let’s go FASTER!! (download speeds) speed up your internet and avoid being throttled by your ISP – If there is a way to bypass those different tiers of internet speed your ISP is charging you then maybe there is a way someone has figured out how to get past the whole data cap issue. We’re going to look into that and talk more about VPNs and maybe getting past that annoying cap issue on an an upcoming OFR. Let us know there is anything these topics you’d like us to cover.

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played)      

Far Cry 5 ending, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice (Thank you Game Pass), Widows, Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse 🕷❤ a Robot cleans my floor, Marvelous Mrs Maisel, Gotham

Life of the Party (Melissa McCarthy movie and it is so funny), New Year’s Eve with alcohol and friends, Chiefs locking up #1 AFC seed (i hope they win at least 1 game) Week off w/ kids, Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse, RDR2, Spider Man: Turf Wars  cod blops 4 , hellblade , hot tub time machine 1 and 2 and 2 sucks , blockers


  • College Football  🏈

1 Alabama vs 2 Clemson

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