OFR 444 – Getting Jiggly with It

Open Forum Radio – Episode 444

OFR Season 10 (Episode 13) – Getting Jiggly with It

Tuesday, Feb 19th  2019 9:42 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Derek, Jason, Vladz

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  1. The Jiggle That Shut Down Evo Japan Twitch Stream!     
    1. Dead or Alive 6 exhibition, followed by a stage show that apparently got too risqué for the Evo organizers
  1. Big Game drops:
    1. Anthem Early Review Impressions
      1. From what I’ve seen on Twitter people like it so far… Full or official release date 2/22/19.
      2. Anthem’s cutscene bugs are hilarious and horrifying
    2. METRO EXODUS   
      1. IGN review & pretty much everywhere else giving it great reviews. (8/10)
    3. Crackdown 3
      1. The reviews are great metacritic – Crackdown 3
      2. A tribute to games you can play while listening to podcasts.
      3. Crackdown 3’s known bugs & launch issues Working on fix.
        1. Crackdown 3 has confirmed for me that I love finding orbs
        2. It isn’t what I was hoping for
        3. Multiplayer…. Just crap
        4. Best thing so far is that you can play as Terry Crews, and he liked my tweet…. So there is that. Oh, plus the voice is back which reminds you how cool the 1st Crackdown was.
  1. Apex update: Leaked mode could add Titanfall wallrunning and double jump movement
  1. Continuing on our topic last week about Activision Blizzard laying off 800 people, Ubisoft gets a dig in Ubisoft reports strong profits, doesn’t fire 800 people
  1. Netflix dropped the THE DIRT Motley Crue’s bio pic  
    1. Name a band that you’d like to see get their bio pic on Netflix  rush beyond the lighted stage was excellent , maybe def leppard or van halen or deep purple , motorhead , faith no more , tesla Ozzy, LA Guns,   chili peppers

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played)      

Crackdown 3, AC Odyssey, The Glorious Sons! RDR2 Finished, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Alita:Battle Angel, NBA 2K19 Crackdown 3. apex. metro exodus. World’s Most Elegant Homes (or something like that) on Netflix, At the bar drinking right now, heard the phrase “boner culture” on Twitter today


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