OFR 460 – Paying the Price

Open Forum Radio – Episode 460

OFR Season 10 (Episode 28) – Paying the Price

Tuesday, June 4th 2019 10:03 EST

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Whiskey, Derek, Vladz,  

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  • Q: What game are you playing on October 25th? A: Call of Duty Modern Warfare
    • Captain Price is BACK!
    • Everyone on board – no pass needed –  “Every design decision has been made with our players in mind,” said Patrick Kelly, Creative Director and co-Studio Head, Infinity Ward. “With the launch of Modern Warfare, we’re taking steps to unite the community. First, we plan for Modern Warfare to be played together across PC and console through cross-play support. Second, we’re eliminating the traditional   season pass, yayyyy  so that we can deliver more free maps and content as well as post-launch events to all players. This is just the beginning – there’s much more to come.”
    • ‘input-based’ cross-play, matches similar devices Call of Duty: Modern Warfare matches players with controllers to one another. Players who use mice are matched with others who do the same. This is key for fairness – Yes
    • Editions Standard, Operator, and Operator Enhanced Editions.
  • Kojima’s Death Stranding trailer
    • What did we just watch? A few answers, and a lot more questions.
    • Thoughts? – WTF why did they name the bad dudes that? The 120 foot ladder that pops out of a briefcase! Cutscenes looked incredible, the rest of the game? More Metal Gear… I was expecting a cardboard box next to be used (don’t you bet against them putting that in the actual game as an Easter Egg).  Maybe this should have been a weird movie. Super Hyped, not feeling so bad I don’t have a PS4.

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played)

Killing Eve Ssn 2, Always Be My Maybe, Swamp Thing Manly stuff: Chainsawing trees, Remodeling project flooring done, Driving a big truck  Avengers Endgame (no i didn’t cry when iron man died, you did),  got new tags for both vehicles, son got a new tattoo division 2 with shaft, dead by daylight with my son on game pass intense, really busy sons grad ceremony , lil mans band awards ceremony and me and rocketchip mourned the loss of our friends wife so sad , song of the week i can’t get enough of it yet ,  Any Given Sin – Dynamite  if you like shinedown this dude sings the hell out of this song

OFR Sports

Shout-outs: 😎 🖕  Family, friends, friends of the show OFR Crew, Slasher, Vladz, Shaft for the Division 2 fun 🖕 😎  ofr crew .  my girl Roseanne . extreme shaft. Rocketchip , jim bluemar , AA  and the boys andrew and bubba, stuart page2screen killin it super happy for him . josh laney heyyy , shout out to the vladz farm truck,   All the listeners and friends AMP,  FromPage2Screen, Meef, Dean’s List Freshman, Softball team  My kids for passing to the next grade, guys from AMP