OFR 463 – OFR Celebrity Deathmatch

OFR Season 10 (Episode 31) – OFR Celebrity Deathmatch

Tuesday, June 25th 2019 9:53 EST

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Whiskey, Derek, Vladz,  

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Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played) 

Murder Mystery, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Untold History of the United States. Typhoon Texas Water Park, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD , Awake, nothing this week but my sons grad party great turnout and fun lol ,  song of the week shamans harvest in chains for holy headshot Shaman’s Harvest – In Chains  or  kinda kool when doves cry cover shamans harvest not very rock but fun to hear Shaman’s Harvest-When Doves Cry   Historical Roasts with Jeff Ross, new changes at the lake place, and potentially huge changes at work                                                        

OFR Sports

Shout-outs: 😎 🖕  Family, friends, friends of the show OFR Crew, Slasher, Vladz great song of the week! Rocketchip!!! 🖕 😎  ofr crew ,  my girl Roseanne and my ex did great at the party . extreme shaft. Rocketchip  , jim bluemar , stuart page2screen . josh laney heyyy , All the listeners and friends OFR, My Truck, Netflix is a joke & rockbar on Sirius,