OFR 481 – OFR Redemption

Open Forum Radio – Episode 481

OFR Season 10 (Episode 49) – OFR Redemption   

Tuesday, November 5th 2019 9:53 EST

Introduction & Roll Call: AA, Derek, Vladz, Whiskey,

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  • Also Sony’s finally releasing their much anticipated game Death Stranding and the critic reviews are generally good, (You’ll see a couple 10/10 and a few 6.8 or 7/10.) but even the ones that are decent have some odd statements too. Let’s see what some had to say  Death Stranding Metacritic 
    • Game Informer 7/10 “ there must be more to the game than what we’ve seen so far. Surely players must do more than transport cargo” “In order to rebuild America after a mysterious event that has blown a crater in the middle of the country and destroyed society as we know it, Sam treks across the land delivering supplies and connecting pockets of survivors. Doing so requires loading Sam up with packages of various sizes, weights, and possibly mission-ending stipulations – such as breaking fragile equipment and even delivering a pizza correctly.”
  • Gamespot 9/10 “A lot of people believe in it, but you’re not sure you do. It’ll take a lot of lonely, dangerous walks and exceptionally heavy lifting, and it’s not really clear what America means in the first place. For some reason, you set out anyway, trudging through wetlands and rocky hills on foot, not fully knowing or understanding where you’re going. Other than the monsters you can’t quite see, there’s not really anyone else around most of the time–just you and your thoughts, one foot in front of the other.”  
  • The review for the Verge didn’t have a score but though it was worth a mention DEATH STRANDING IS A LONG, BIZARRE JOURNEY THAT’S BOTH BREATHTAKING AND BORING “It’s not a game that makes itself easy to enjoy. There are few concessions for uninterested players. It’s ponderously slow, particularly in the early chapters, which largely consist of delivering packages over staggering distances. Early conversations are filled with phrases and words that will be incomprehensible to the uninitiated — and, honestly, much of it remains a mystery after the credits roll. But over time, that sense of bewilderment slipped away. Eventually, I found myself engrossed, digging deep into the game’s arcane lore to understand, as best I could, what was going on. It’s not easy to get to this point. …..  Death Stranding is a game that seems to fight you every step of the way, whether it’s with clunky menus or nonsensical dialogue. It can be downright boring, but there’s also beauty and heart to discover if you can stick with it. Your main adversary, at least in the early going, is gravity. With the uneven landscape and copious packages to deliver, Sam has to stay balanced in order to keep his precious cargo safe. You do this by adjusting straps on your back. The trigger buttons on the PS4 controller handle each side, so if Sam starts tipping to the left, you hit the left trigger and he tightens up his backpack to keep steady. Essentially, this means that while all you’re really doing is walking, you need to stay intently focused. One small slip, and your cargo can be ruined. At times, Death Stranding can feel like a big-budget remake of QWOP. Other times, it’s achingly beautiful as you stumble through a ruined landscape while ambient rock plays in the background.

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played)  COD, finished Schitt’s Creek, Tall Girl, listened to “Talk to Strangers” (audio book recommended on Twitter by Faitios) 

Restarted Outer World’s, Halloween at work, Halloween after work, guy at fall festival, mattress rap, slippery when wet album, Scrappy the Chuaweenie,  Gears 5, Car maintenance/washing, Big Chiefs win, SotW: Take What You Want – Post Malone ft. Ozzy Osbourne.  Lots of modern warfare. Fall clean up sucks.y does laney have his best ff week vs me twice .heads of sierra blanka podcast , daylight savings seems now its dark at 4 pm . xmas shopping underway how do you guys  hide presents my girl seen hers my mistake


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