OFR 500 – The Big One

Open Forum Radio – Episode 500

OFR Season 11 (Episode 18) – The Big One

Tuesday, March 17th 2020 9:45 EST

Introduction & Roll Call: AA, Derek, Vladz, Whiskey, Bubba, Larry aka Bluemanrule,  Vic aka Vicjohusmc86  Matt Kane aka Patriot1030  

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  • We made it!!! – OFR Episode 500
  • The OG OFR Crew – OFR listeners for the last couple years may have heard your name, may have heard you on other podcasts, may have seen your picture hanging in the post office. What have you been up to?
    • Larry
    • Vic: I’ve changed so much in the last few years. Not a lot of beer drinking,I’ve lost about 25lbs since late fall. No fast food! all my kids are out of school w/Max graduating in the spring. I still play games but mainly on my Switch & Switch Lite. I’m a GrandFather and the Marriage is going strong still.I stopped watching NFL two years ago!
    • Matt – Doing great and certainly my best to sort out all this WuFlu Nonsense, though I think I do have a solution to all of it..which I’ll get into later – When are we going to do a Battlefield Bad Company 2 game night? – anyway, got married, a mortgage, blessed with 2 amazing boys. 
    • Pretty sure that is it, we are missing anyone else…..lol 
    • What can listeners expect post OFR 500?
    • More Angry Mailman Episodes

The Napa Chef this summer on Amazon Prime starring Bubba

  • More Conspiracy Otter shows
  • More Slashertainment Interviews
  • More OFR shows, just not guaranteed every week
  • So we have officially entered the apocalypse (Coronavirus), our podcasts will be found by future inhabitants of Earth just like in Fallout and other games. So bonus points for whoever is listening and congratulations on completing this side quest. 

Our World (Top Things you saw, heard or played) Riding out the end of the world here on the farm – 1st victim for me was a cheesesteak, playing COD, watching Westworld – season 2 refresher and start of season 3   Westworld, Apocalypse prep, new shotgun owner (i ain’t scared of no beer flu!), worst St. Paddy’s Day ever, thanks Karen

Migraines, my wife’s BLT exploded, Some guy at ER, xray girl, getting my BP taken, over and over,  Two point Hospital, McMillions, Ep 6 of Hunters, Obviously No Disney , Flying to Alabama on Monday to see family, Buddy v Duff, Supermarket Steakout, Cod plunder mode so fun. Riot on Netflix . war of the world’s t.v. series epix . screwed me . spring clean up . I’m lost on west world. My sotw we need this st pattys day sucks this year  kiss me dropkick murphys

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, The Division2, COD War Zone(stupid or I just suck) Zombies on COD WW2, Gems of War, Puzzle Quests,Super Destronaut Land Wars,Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle,  I watched Rambo Last Blood, A Fall From Grace, Hobbs & Shaw, SWAT (best show ever) & all the Chicago Shows.

Recently finished a BBC sitcom – Toast of London  – available now on Netflix, binged Making of the Mob: Chicago from AMC on Prime, Completed Arrow, and all caught up on DC Legends of Tomorrow. For the paranormal fans out there – I highly recommend Project Blue Book from the History Channel. Games  – finished Pokemon Sword and waiting for the expansion packs to hit later this Spring / early Summer and later this Fall. To help delay the expanding pile of shame, I’ve been waiting to purchase games, but picked up GTA V when it was on sale a while back and started that, I’m doing the missions leading up to robbing a jewelry store so looking forward to it, how in the world does this game not have on demand saving? Picked up and installed the new MLB The Show  Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Tales of Vesperia on PC, Altered Carbon (Netflix)


  • None

Shout-outs:  All the OFR listeners, OFR Crew, TMO, Vic, Blue, Matt, Angry Mailman, Bubba, my girl & sons Cameron & Noah, Rocketchip, Stuart, friends, family, idiots   OFR listeners, TMO, the OFR Crew which will forever include AA & Bubba, the OG OFR Crew: Vic, Larry and Matt (don’t think I’m missing anyone), Stuart, Rocketchip, Extreme shaft, Fred French, Dylan  the OFR Crew, AMP Crew, bubba for his intro is exactly how i sound on the toilet . extreme zshaft , jim bluemar , rocket chip, stuart page 2 screen, fred french.  all the og podcasters thanks for coming on and getting this going when i first listen to podcasts i never thought id be on one , yet here i am lol sorry , all the listeners we appreciate your ears it means a lot (thanks for suggesting me for OFR Dman!) Everyone who has ever guested, hosted or LISTENED to OFR love ya.    OFR Listeners, OFR OG’s, AMP Army, Andrew and Everyone.Corona recap   The OFR OG’s, everyone and anyone that has co-hosted, TMO,  the OFR expanded universe aka the network of shows – I couldn’t be prouder of the legacy of this show and thank  you to the new guys for carrying on the legacy, The countless spinoff shows, game nights, long nights, random shows, skype sessions, seeing this show get to 500 episodes is truly a humbling experience and I’m honored by each and everyone of you to be on here; to the show that was my patient zero for podcasting – the Video Game Show and how I’ll still go back and listen to their silliness, Bob aka Tilt101, Stuart – keep that editing going on Mimi, the spin off crew – Brandon, Mike, Matt, and Wil; The guys over at the Nerdgasm Network, especially podcasting maniac Patrick, last and certainly not least, my wife Megan    , Entire OFRN Family, MeefJ, EDG,

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