OFR #95: Chef Cutdown

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Tmo returns this week and we catch up with him first.  He’s been watching Awake and Are You There Chelsea?  He talks some Modern Warfare 3 and another 3rd game in a series.  I bet you can’t guess what that is, Shepherd!

The Hammer fills us in on Being Elmo, Tower Heist, the Hunger Games, and gives us all nostalgia about Crash.  He jumps into Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3 and that infamous 3rd game in a series.

Chef Cutdown finds a way to talk between pizza slices (please listen to the outtakes) to discuss his cutdown session in Dark Souls.  He balances that experience with a couple of family movies, Happy Feet 2 and Puss In Boots.  Blueman watches The Muppets and Appleseed and rants about console exclusive characters (thanks Mortal Kombat).

We all jump into Mass Effect 3 (No spoilers) and surprising the entire crew is hype about the looming Witchter 2 on Xbox 360.  All this and more on episode 95, S3 E13 of Open Forum Radio.