OFR Ep 350 – OFR The BIG 350

OFR Season 8 (Episode 24) – The BIG 350

Tuesday, May 2nd 2017 – 9:51 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Vladz, Derek, Jason

Main Topics/Group Discussion: (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com)

Xbox Boss Says Games Like Zelda, Horizon Don’t Have Same Impact   Subscriptions could be a viable way to fund original story-driven and single-player content

Expect the PlayStation 5 to launch in 2018

Good things (for those who waited) Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release rumoured for June

The new hit game you probably playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

How to get into the doghouse with the Mrs: Husband Spends Entire Savings on Twitch Streamers, Now Flat Broke

Countdown to E3

  1. Bethesda has started sending invites out for its E3 2017 press conference, and it’s styled after an amusement park map with all of its games shown as attractions.
  2. OMG, Nintendo has yet another game system this year New Nintendo 2DS XL
    1. Taking full advantage of being able to take the stage at the biggest games expo of the year… Nintendo will just watch: No press event again
  3. No Oculus This marks the first time since 2014 that Oculus will not be hosting a booth


Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Gotham Worst: Massive thunderstorm that the weather took over the last 10 mins of Gotham  

Best: approved at best buy for 4k goodness Worst: xbox problems party chat & battlefield one

1st Worst: Paying taxes on the new car, and licensing and tagging 2 cars.  2nd Worst: Didn’t know I moved to Seattle, the rain finally stopped. Ugh.

Best: Out of Rehab hospital.  Worst: Still not driving, other stuff


Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

The Texans Draft 2017, NBA Playoffs, Veep   gotham , american gods{ the scene },forza h 3 ,hot wheelz expansion, gears 4   American Gods (new show on Starz, really good stuff), Gears of War 4 with the boys and Slasher (good times, party chat issues not withstanding), Song of the Week (same album as last week, Men Amongst Mountains-The Revivalists) – Monster-The Revivalists  Emma dog training class, I’d like to say KONG… but the popcorn was the real winner there, Mass Effect Andromeda

  • 2017 Draft
  • The Broncos selected the former Ole Miss QB with the 253rd and final pick of the 2017 NFL Draft


Shout-outs:  ofr crew , jay guiles , rocket chip, the girls at the bar singing , good 4 gaming , holy headshot , meef j , aa ,  luce screw, blueman rule, rodger goodell drew pearson lmao

Jlaw, JD, Ocaptain, Slasher for joining the crew, Euthanasia, Donna and Erin Flanigan for turning me onto the revivalists, OFR Crew/Network, TMO, Vladz and the listeners