OFR – OFR Unboxes the X

Open Forum Radio – Episode 377

OFR Season 8 (Episode 50) – OFR Unboxes the X

Wednesday, November 8th  2017 9:52 EST.

Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Vladz, Derek, Jason

Main Topics/Group Discussion:

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It is Xbox One X week here at OFR and each host received the most powerful gaming console on the planet.

  • 1st impressions, go: with the very small sample size I have to judge it by, the visual upgrades are very real, and the machine runs super fast. One thing I noticed right away: Gears in 4k 60fps is ridiculous, but I noticed how much better the lighting and rendering is, it is amazeballs. Derek’s hot minute
  • Got curious when they said Gears of War 3 got enhanced & damn it’s crazy, it’s a big difference for a 360 game.
  • VG247: Xbox One X Review: does Microsoft’s super machine live up to the hype?
  • Take that estimate and double it


If the X is a little too much console for you here are some other great deals this holiday: pre-holiday Xbox One S deals start at $199wii-470887.phtml


Black Friday videogame deals  

Best & Worst of the week (Try to stick to 1 Best thing and 1 Worst thing)

Best: Rick Flair 30 for 30 Worst: X-Amazon delivery & Penn State loss

Best: Got son in right school Worst: D Watson’s injury

Best: Getting my X on launch day!   Worst: Sleep, what’s sleep?

Best: Thor ragnarock.   besssst:  lions win on Monday night


Fuckin fan boys you guys are

Our World (Top 3 Things you saw, heard or played)  

Finished Stranger Things S2, COD WWII, X  Thor:Ragnarok, Stranger Things Sn 2 fin, Titanfall 2  Sampling the 4k goodness: Forza 7, GR Wildlands (wow), Gears (WOW), Doom, COD WW2, 4k Stranger Things Ssn2 Ep. 1, watched my first 4k ultra movie (xXx Return of Xander Cage) xbox1 x . games . Spider-Man homecoming. Stranger things ssn 2 yes I got cod ww2, star wars 2 looks so good and free trial in ea access now



OFR Fantasy Football Draft: http://ofr2017.league.fantasy.nfl.com/


NCAA – 2017 College Football Rankings                         

MLB Congratulations Astros  

Shout-outs:  Donna & Flanny, Jessa, Luke & Chelsea, MS for the X, UPS for coming through on the delivery, the Xbox crew: Ocaptain, Jlaw, JD, my son Cameron (he’s going to be an Xbox One owner soon), Facetious, OFR Network, and the OFR Crew (love nerding out with you boys)   ofr crew ,rocketchip , jay guiles, fred french , jim bluemer , phil spencer , meef j , cleveland browns trap game , denny from tap the craft for christmas beer suggestions , justin verlander and kate upton verlander, lore podcast , and xbox one bros podcast , and all the xbox giveaways on twitter that i didn’t win. OFR Crew, Xbox, Mrs Vladz, Dreamscape 0, Dee Rogers, Dustin, Sam, Chris, Jacob, Amazon, Planet Fitness’s Pizza night, AMP, OFR Season 9!