OFR Supplemental

On the latest episode of Open Forum Radio, we talk a lot about this past week’s NFL games as well as the whole Cam Newton fiasco. So since we talked a lot about sports, here are the other things that have been going on. As far as gaming wise, I was able to finish Blood Stone on the highest difficulty without much difficulty at all. Do yourselves a favor and wait until the price plummets or is part of a buy one get one free offer, and you already have every other game that you could want. The game has been sent to my co-host TinPan and I’m sure we’ll get his impressions on an upcoming episode. I haven’t felt the overwhelming need to dive back into “Halo: Reach” or start up “Call of Duty: Black Ops.” I did however pick up what will probably be contending for my game of the year: “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.” While I expect it to be only a modest improvement and addition to Assassin’s Creed II, the series has done a fantastic job weaving an intriguing story and cast of characters together.

The OFR NCAA Dynasty has been moving along too. I just finished up playing the Nebraska at Kansas State and am getting anxious to play my other co-host BlueManRule as he is my only Big12 competitor playing as Oklahoma State. I did pick up a surprising XBLA game: “Pinball FX2.” It’s easily the biggest time sync since “Peggle.” The game is simply pinball and the tables are sharp and colorful. The tables can be bought in packs of 4 and there are themed tables including “Street Fighter” and “Rocky & Bullwinkle” with more to come. Each table has a couple achievements tied to them for completing special objectives on each board.

Media-wise, there has been mixed this past week. I saw “Splice” and take this as a warning: “Splice” is utter crap. How Adrian Brody got tied to it is beyond me because I consider him a better actor than what he showed. “Splice” becomes all preachy and the creation is gross while the paper thin plot twist is stupid and unoriginal. Let’s just say that if you have seen “Jurassic Park”, you’ll be able to put two and two together. I also was able to start watching “Psych”. While I had been hearing great things about the show, I was a little weary to dive in because of the four to five seasons that lay ahead.

I’d like to be able to get through “Psych” quickly but time has become a premium. A few life changes on the horizon quickly approaching, has my TV enthusiasm tempered. I’m a man that doesn’t like to waste his time and with so many projects and things I want to get done, there truly aren’t enough hours in the day.