Oh Sony How I love you so

Yeah, thats right, Sony I still do love you and I think I always will.  I’ve supported you since I’ve returned to gaming in 1996.  You have molded me into the gamer that I am and I’ve passed that love to my boys, who are 11 and 9 years old.  You bring me some of the greatest games that are exclusive only to your Gaming Console, like the Resistance, Little Big Planet, Killzone, and S.O.C.O.M Series, and the two newest exclusive titles M.A.G. and  Modnation Racers.  I’m sure there are alot more titles coming to the system in the upcoming months and years of this gaming generation, but I have to say, why did this outage happen and why werent you able to stop it?

I ask you that question, because my youngest son, who is 9 years old, is a Playstation3 junkie and everything he plays, everything he loves, and cherishes is in that system.  To see that snatched away from him for his entire Spring Break was a little disheartening. Everyday since April 20th to May 3rd he has been asking me, “when is the network gonna be back up?”  I answer him the same way everyday, ” I don’t know son, as soon as Sony gets it fixed.”



Although his Spring Break, and his older brothers, was spent doing other things (beside playing video games, which of course is a great thing) I could still look at them both and see that they would really enjoy some game time on the Playstation3, playing either Black Op’s or Little Big Planet with there  buddies.


As a dad, I enjoyed having them visiting their friends and playing outside baseball and basketball, but games in my house are very important to all of us.  Games are our release from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Easter was great this year, I actually got to enjoy my family all day and not have to battle with them wanting to go on-line to play. So, I thank you for that Sony.


On the other hand, we have this “intrusion” or “breach” of your network.  The Playstation Network, one of the largest gaming networks on the planet, couldn’t stop this from happening?  Then after it happened, Sony couldn’t or wouldn’t let your user base know exactly what happened?  You went days without telling us, and then when you finally decided to let us know, you really didn’t let us know.


You left us all to wonder or assume what happened and as a concerned gamer, who pays attention to gaming news from a majority of different outlets, I put two and two together and assumed that “Anonymous” had done this. Whether this is one person, or a group of people, you guys let your system and everything attached to it get compromised.  You didn’t have the respect to let your users know what happened for at least a few days and because of that I’m very disappointed in you Sony.


Finally this weekend you decided to let your consumers know that there personal information has been compromised.  Things like our birth-dates, e-mail addresses, and most importantly our Credit Card information had been obtained by this group of Hackers or by this Hacker.  I continue to ask myself, why is this happening or better yet, how did this happen?


I consider myself to be a typical male. I do a lot of online shopping and have my credit numbers on alot of different sites, and also alot of different gaming systems, so I don’t always have to go out and purchase gift cards, and I can just buy  downloadable games and movies. I always hope my information is safe and secure on these sites, and up to this point they pretty much have been secure until recently on the PSn.


I personally consider what happened to the Playstation Network, and all the 70 million users who have there credit cards and debit card numbers attached to there accounts, as Terrorism. I believe that this “Anonymous” should be arrested and convicted of Terrorism and sent away for  the rest of his life. I only sound so harsh and cruel because he got a hold of my credit card information and I work very hard for every penny that I earn.  I think everyone affected by this will say the exact same thing.


Please Sony will you re-assure us that this will never happen again? Can you promise  me that my credit card information won’t land in someone else’s hand illegally again? Can you please tell me that your network has been down for two weeks and it will come back better and safer than ever before?


That is all I want from Sony for this extended outage. Although, the promise of free Playstation Plus and Qriocity for 30 days is a very nice guesture.  Also, the promise of free games is something I will be participating in as well. I just want to make sure all mine and everyone else’s personal information is safe  and secure, and that you get this “Anonymous” and put him away.


*This article is my personal Opinion*