PAX South 2015: The Adventures of Pip

Not many games topped my hype list from PAX South.  This game leads the pack.  TicToc games is developing what I like to call the Wreck-It Ralph of video games.  It’s witty, colorful, and very aware of its medium and itself.

Pip is a 1-bit character, a block if you will.  As a block, the only thing Pip can do is jump.  He’s stuck being the weakest character on the totem pole of 32-bit characters in the low fidelity world of Pixelonia.  An evil Queen arises and all the more detailed heroes fall in her wrath.  It’s up to Pip to save his gaming world from its impending doom.  All standard fair right? Wrong!

Pip is a side-scrolling platform-puzzler. Pip levels up, or evolves, which grants him additional skills and physical representation.  Pip’s evolution from block to boy is startling but functional. As a boy, Pip can now wall jump (similar to Ninja Gaiden), pick up tools, and use them to hit enemies.  Pip can also devolve at any time back to the block to make himself smaller for navigational or strategic purposes.  But that isn’t all.

As Pip evolves, every other element of the game evolves.  Art detail, animation, enemy types, and music also evolve. Backgrounds change resolution, new enemy types present different patterns, stage navigation replicates something a speed run and music changes to represent the gaming era displayed on-screen.  This is what makes Pip stand out from most.  Pip does not present static elements that are nostalgic but harmonizes all the experiential elements that create nostalgia.  As I mentioned above, the Wreck-It Ralph of video games.

Enjoy the interview below with Jeff from TicToc games.  The Adventures of Pip was fully-funded on Kickstarter, has an early access version scheduled for release in March and a full release in May on PC (Steam), Mac, WiiU, Xbox One, and PS4 with other platforms on the way.