Pile of Shame

My Ongoing Battle With My Pile Of Shame


By Matt White

Recently I had went into my game room and noticed that I had way too many games. I had counted up and I had close to 120 games. Those were not counting the downloaded games on consoles or PC titles. Now some may seem like this is a problem. To me it is just a case of variety. I love to have the choice of different titles to play for whatever mood I may be in at the time. My collection covers the whole gambit of types from sports to platformers to music titles and everything in between. It all depends on what I want to play.

Some may ask how one can accumulate so many games. Well I am the self proclaimed “King of the Clearance Rack” When I see titles at 15 bucks or less, I figure what the heck, it’s cheap and I pick it up. While this may sound great to some picking up titles at budget prices, it also creates a problem. That problem is a huge pile of games that are not finished or sometimes even started for months after purchase.

Now not all of these games are just bad games. There are a few “Triple A” titles in the mix that I haven’t bothered to finish such as “Grand Theft Auto 4”, “Red Dead Redemption”, and “L.A. Noir”. This is totally my fault and I own up to that fact, but what can gamers do to combat this situation?

Possible solutions could include just passing up on the deals when you see them, but then again what fun is that? You can try to just play everything on easy just to get them done with. One thing that I try to do unless its one of my highly anticipated titles is to just leave the shrink wrap on it until I finish a game or two. This seems to work for me for the most part. I just look up on my shelf and see what games I can finish quickly and usually choose 1 or 2 of those and a game that will take considerably longer, perhaps a RPG or something open world. Then I would then unwrap the next game I want to play.

The only problem with that approach is that you will keep a few wrapped games on the shelf just waiting to be unwrapped. I think the problem that I have with that is patience. I do not have a lot of that. I just try to stick to my plan and it works for the most part due to my game shelves being downstairs. Another problem would be with like sports games. What do you considered finished with sports games? Would it be playing through an entire season or what? So as far as my pile of shame games go, I do not count sports titles.

I would really like to know what readers do to combat their piles of shame in hopes of coming up with new ideas and new ways of combating this problem. Just let your comments be heard below in the comment section. Lets get some good ideas floating and as always, Lets Get It!!