PYP 30 – Same Stew, Different Pot

Aaron (Ind1fference) from the GameEnthus podcast and the Geeks Gone Raw Collective drops in on Bluemanrule and Ace.  The crew discuss the lack of innovation in most media forms and the NRA’s response to the horrible Connecticut shootings. All this and more in Prove Your Point 30.


7:00 – Microsoft next console hinted at by Major Nelson

8:15 – Microsoft’s Market-leading position?

10:00 – Advertising proliferation on the Xbox Dashboard

12:00 – What games do you show a casual gamer to excite them about current-gen gaming?

15:00 – L.A. Noire

16:00 – Price barrier to enter gaming

17:30 – Discussion regarding reiteration of media ideas

26:00 – WiiU: Aaron’s take

29:00 – The year of finishing games

33:45 – Japan’s perspectives on various aspects of gaming

34:45 – CDProjekt’s Cyberpunk 2077

37:41 – NRA commentary analysis via KnoxBroadcast

50:25 – Shoutouts