PYP 38: Central Characters

Mike, aka Scarfinger, and Henry, aka KnoxBroadcast, join Ace and Blue to discuss the gaming/enthusiast media and out two most anticipated games of 2014.  Henry and Blue debate the need for games to revolve around a central character.  It’s a solid debate that needs your feedback.  We also read feedback from last week’s show and the PC game specs question posted on Twitter.

In addition, there are over 20 minutes of Out-of-Order contemptible comments so please enjoy the discussion.  The amount of content in this show should make up for the long absence.  Thank you for listening and enjoy PYP 38.  Stay open.


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Jimmy Ace
Twitter:  @xxAceblackxx

Mike Scar
G+: Scarfinger Hoodrich

Henry Knox
Twitter:  @KNOXBroadcast

Table of contents

3:20 – Topic 1:  Gaming Media Critique

12:20 – Topic 2: Most Anticipated game in 2014

Ace:  Batman Arkham Knight, Destiny

Scar:  Destiny

Knox:  Quantum Break, The Order 1886

Blue:  Dragon Age Inquisition, EA MMA

19:40 – Tangent: Is the PS4 worth it right now?

30:00 – Debate:  Central Character requirement

55:00 – Feedback (Guru-007)

57:30 – Steam Machine, biggest ball drop of all time?

59:40 – Topic 3:  Delta between PC Minimum and Required Specs hurts PC gaming

1:12:40 – Formalities

1:13:30 – Shoutouts


Out-of-Order Outtakes


1:21:00 – The problem with this debate

1:21:55 – Central Character further discussed

1:22:19 – PYP #4 callback

1:22:30 – Amazon Fire TV competitive analysis

1:24:30 – Amazon entering games FOR REAL!

1:25:37 – The problem with $400 consoles

1:26:27 – The Shield

1:26:48 – Orphan Black (Amazon Prime Exclusive), apparently, is fantastic!

1:27:46 – Knox’s message

1:28:02 – The problem with Amazon Fire TV content

1:29:30 – The problem with going at the WiiU.

1:31:00 – The problem with PSN+

1:31:47 – Shots fired! Infamous is Titanfall’s consolation prize

Post Show

1:36:19 – I got next in NBA 2K14

1:38:30 – The problem with Playstation & Killzone Shadowfall

1:42:08 – The Problem with Killzone Higs

1:44:07 – Racism in Games: The problem with Intercultural Accommodation