PYP 40: The Legend Lives On (Free-Roam)

It is a momentous occasion to have the Puba of Podcasting, Parris aka Vicious696 of Uncle Gamer Radio, Remember When/Film Tangent, and GamerTag Radio notoriety in a free-roam.  We discuss when he began podcasting, his impact on take on community, his departure and ultimate return to podcasting and Microsoft.  There is so much here, I cannot even list it all.  If you have a chance, check out Parris at or Gamertag Radio. All this and so much more on PYP 40.

3:18:  What Community (Talking About Games) felt like

9:10:  Opinion leaders and the responsibility of influence

15:43: Social Media and its effects on Podcasting and Community

17:30:  Microsoft’s poorly communication vision of the Xbox One

19:50:  Is Microsoft’s casual-gamer targeting hindering it’s success?

25:20:  PC gaming’s marketplace advantage of console digital downloads

31:30:  Parris’ road back to podcasting

38:30:  #BeastMode

42:40:  The two-week rule

51:30:  The necessity of the cheat meal

54:10:  Kevin Durant’s MVP speech

57:10:  And Tampa Bay selects…

1:00:40: Parris is hype for…Destiny?



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