PYP 47: TinPanAlley Free-Roam

TinPanAlley drops in to discuss community feedback,Mass Effect 4 rumors and TinPan gives his thoughts on No Man’s Sky.With TinPan on the mic, we have to talk NCAA FB, playoffs, and his obsession with the game. We delve into why he started podcasting, the Open Forum , and went back to school. All this and more on the 47th episode of Prove Your Point 47.


2:50: Community Feedback (Shouts to Guru007)

4:44: Wifi-Direct in Xbox One attributes to better audio quality

5:15: Sunset Overdrive

6:15:Mass Effect Next Title Survey

9:50: Mass Effect info inbound

12:15:No Man’s Sky and TinPan’s take

14:55: WiiU and its resurgence

16:20: TinPan still not convinced…but getting there

18:00:  Games Media’s assessment of Nintendo

19:20: NCAA Football and TinPan’s Obsession Tradition

20:15: TinPan’s Raptr numbers

21:15:  NCAA Gamebreaker R.I.P

22:30:  The Slippery Slope of paying NCAA athletes

24:50: New recruits can’t play themselves in NCAA Football

26:50: NCAA 14 is back in stock for $30

27:15:  Top 25 2015 recruiting class

33:00:  NCAA Football playoff trophy

34:00:  Tinpan’s roots

36:00:  TinPan knows his role

36:35:  Hosting a podcast is pressure

38:30:  What was the conception of Open Forum Radio

41:30:  ObstiKnox

42:45:  Football is life

44:00:  Will you return to podcasting again?

45:35:  TinPan’s journey

47:15:  What is book that gave you the reading bug?

49:45:  Swallowing your pride you hard but necessary

52:00:  A newcomer to the Open Forum Radio Network

54:00:  Shoutouts to my new followers

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