PYP 61: Future Proof

Knoxbroadcast and The AceBlack stop in to discuss the Windows 10 event today, including Direct X12, cross-platform play, and the Microsoft Holo Lens. Stop in and enjoy the last show before PAX South 2015.  Enjoy PYP 61.


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    1. News/Topics:
      1. Free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, 8.1 and phone 8.1
      2. Cortana coming to all Windows 10 devices
      3. Spartan Browser: Browsing & Annotating the Web
      4. Surface Hub: 84” 4K TV that promotes team interaction
      5. Xbox app with Friends and Activity feed.
      6. Can voice chat and text chat with friends on XBL (Wow)
      7. GameDVR in Windows 10 (Windows+G) on any Win game
        1. Can capture last 30 seconds
      8. Direct X12 will improve performance
        1. Power consumption cut by 50% for mobile perf
      9. Unity, Epic adopt Direct X12
      10. Fable Legend coming to PC & Xbox One
        1. Cross platform gameplay on all Windows 10 devices
        2. Streaming of Xbox One to Win 10 PC or Tablet this year
        3. Win 10 to Xbox One
      11. PC versions available in the next week.
    1. #MicrosoftHoloLens: Holographic projection through Hi-Res, Hi-Fi headset
    2. Windows as a Service: Profound change, Aligning goals for success with customers’ engagement and interaction. Continuous innovation.  For Devs, massive target market. Partners get consistent hardware benchmark. Measure success through customer engagement and satisfaction
    3. Windows mobility: Seamless crossover, Universal (unified) application platform for devs,
    4. Windows Cross-Platform strategies: Seamless unification,

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