PYP 2: E3 2010 Debated

This week, Talking About Gamers’ Faitios drops in on Blue, Patriot1030, and GeeksFTW’s Casualterror.  The crew discusses Nintendo’s relevance to the “Core” gamer and deliberate which manufacturer had the best E3 conference.  We keep show content to just under 40 minutes in this the second episode of Prove Your Point.  Enjoy your week.

Topic 1: Does Nintendo matter to the Core   05:21

Topic 2: Best E3 Conference                        26:10

Shout-outs & Housekeeping:                        38:50

Supplementary information/Appendices

Out of Order (Outtake #1)                            43:43

Out of Order (Outtake #2)                            43:59

Out of Order (Outtake #3)                            44:29

Exhibit A: Nintendo Casual discussion          44:43


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