PYP 37: Game Leaks

Chris “Lefty” Brown from The Married Gamers joins me and KnoxBroadcast. We get into the closing of Irrational Games, Xbox digital sales and Microsoft’s execution. We then discuss the why the Xbox Media remote is an indicator of a possible price cut and the potential Microsoft possesses. Then, the we debate if leaks and rumors are good for the video game industry. All this and more on the 37th episode of Prove Your Point.

3:45 – Irrational Games closing

11:10 – Xbox Digital Sales are firing on all cylinders

12:05 – Microsoft is a better business than Sony

23:30 – Xbox Media Remote

33:30 – Microsoft’s Core Competency

37:50 – Debate: Are game leaks and rumors bad for the industry?

1:12:26 – Shoutouts

1:22:07 – Out of Order Outtakes