PYP 48: SotI Summer 2014

We discuss the pertinent issues within the gaming community.  We talk the hardware, online features, software,  and gaming communities surrounding game devices today.  Scarfinger (GeeksGoneRaw), Faitios (MyPeanutGallery), KnoxBroadcast and Aceblack (OpenForumRadio) all join Bluemanrule to discuss gaming.  This is part one of two.

Show Notes:


4:50: Hardware

5:00 WiiU

17:00 – Xbox One/Playstation 4

24:30: Online features

27:20:  PS4 drawbacks from owners

30:00: Dualshock 4 compatible with PS3

32:00: Console Communities

42:55: The Mass Effect 3 petition changes EVERYTHING

44:05: HOT MINUTE: Gaming is NOT zero-sum

45:20: Temper tantrums = get what you want

48:40:  We’re partly to blame

52:40: Demographics

Out-of-Order Outtakes

Pre Show

1:07:54:Destiny Public Events

1:08:52:Who would you play destiny with and why?

1:09:27: Waiting on Henry

1:09:40: Destiny loses a PS4 customer

1:09:58: PS Network Issues with Destiny Beta

1:10:22: Knox is always late

1:11:00: There go that shade!

1:11:23: Way too much beef

1:11:33:  California and Puerto Rico Dreamin’

1:12:05: Miami’s Police Force reduction

1:12:39: Miami: The Next Detriot?

1:14:27: Virgina isn’t safe either

1:16:04: Lesser of two evils

1:17:20: You don’t have to

1:17:45: Faitios rides on Knox

1:18:28: Faitios rides on Aceblack

1:18:52: This will be a long show

1:19:37: Who’s never heard of The Last Dragon?

Post Show (None: Coming in episode 49)

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