PYP 49: SotI Summer 2014 B-Side

This is Side B (2 of 2) of the The State of the industry podcast. This show we concentrate on software, marketplaces (digital and physical), exclusive console and retailer content and the one console future with regard to Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and PC gaming.


1:32: Who has the best line-up in 2014

5:40: Destiny will be Call of Duty 4

12:30:  The allure of Sunset Overdrive

16:00:  Prognostications

16:45: Call of Duty is the Transformers of the Gaming Industry

18:45: It’s a great time to be a gamer 22:30: Microsoft cuts its Xbox Studios division

30:15: Game Pre-Orders and Exclusive Retailer content

37:00: MicroSoft’s original game sharing would have killed GameStop

38:00: How manufacturers differentiate with software

42:00: Digital Marketplace on consoles

49:45:  The one console (spec) future is real

68:30: Shoutouts

Out-of-Order Outtakes Pre Show (None: Heard in PYP 48)

Post Show:

1:16:00:  Still waiting on that YouTube app

1:18:48: Guess who’s NOT on the next show 1:20:00:  Faitios jumps on video

1:21:00:  Henry’s false avatar picture

1:22:15:  Racist suit styles