PYP 77: E3 2015 Pontifications

Aaron aka Ind1fference from the GameEnthus podcast, drops in to make E3 2015 predictions with KnoxBroadcast and JRHAce (fka Aceblack) and me, Bluemanrule.  Sit back for this long, but enjoyable ride!

30:00:  E3 predictions

  • Bethesda
      1. New: Dishonored, FallOut 4 gameplay
      2. Trailer:  Dishonored, FO4, ESO: TU
      1. 38:00 – Microsoft (Momentum- > 4)
        1. New: Battletoads, Joe Montana (NFL License), Gears Remake, TV DVR capacity, RoTR (only to PC), KI S3, Rare new IP, Below, Formerly dead game like Prey 2, Project Capernicus (KoA F2P MMO, etc…) exclusive to X1, Hololens gaming or VR gaming headset – compatible with Vive & Rift, ID@Xbox (Gigantic, Adventures of Pip, Rebel Galaxy, & top kickstarter games), Minecraft
        2. Trailer: Crackdown (dated), Scalebound (dated w/gameplay), Quantum Break (dated), Below (dated), Forza 6 (dated), Halo 5, Phantom Dust is “in production”
  • EA
        1. New:  DAI Xpansion, ME Tril HD, ME 4 (2017), Madden (2016), PvZ2
        2. Trailers: NFS, BFront tr w/cross-promo w/BField pre-order, Mirror’s Edge 2, EA Access deals (DAI added)
  • Ubisoft
        1. 1:04:00 – New:  PoP,  Rayman, Watchdogs (now with more Ps), Splinter Cell
        2. Trailers:  Division, Rainbow Six Siege, AC & AC Chron
  • Sony
        1. New: GoW (dated 2016), KZ (dated 2017), Infamous (dated Summer 2018), Parappa the Rapper (dated 2015 downloadable) Morpheus (date, price, launch line-up), bundles with no price cut, Driveclub PS+, Uncharted Tril HD (10-9-15)
        2. Trailer:  Uncharted, Dragon Quest, Until Dawn, 5-6 indy games
  • Nintendo Direct
        1. New: Bayonetta in Smash Bros,
        2. Trailer: Starfox, Pokemon,
  • Square Enix
      1. New:  Sleeping Dogs (2018), Hitman (dated 2017), FF< 9 remake, Gameplay:RoTR, FF 15
      2. Trailer: RoTR, Deus Ex, FF 15,
  • PC (AMD): High Bandwidth Memory architecture (HBM), DDR4, DX12, Mantle & GCN, R9 390 cards, tons of VR, Microsoft talks DX12 & Cross-platform play (confirmed)