PYP 79: E3 2015 Post E3 Round-Up

The GameEnthus podcast guys Skype-in live from the Oriole’s baseball stadium to discuss their favorite things from E3, why the Legend of Zelda is/is not relevant, and what Nintendo needs to do to be competitive with their NX console. All this and more on episode 79 of Prove Your Point.

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    1. 2:30:  Yoshida’s Shenmue donation (from KnoxBroadcast)
    2. 4:45:  What will it take for the Nintendo NX to be successful next gen (from KnoxBroadcast)
    3. 7:45 Will Smartphone integration cannibalize 2DS/3DS sales (Chozin78)
    4. 9:45:  Why is Zelda important? Possible debate?
    5. 17:00:  Top 5 things from E3 2015 (Week’s topic)
    6. 26:00:  I Told You So:  My 2015 E3 Prediction records
      1. Also, 2/11 = 18%, not 22%.  Bad math! Bad math!