Special Section Zcast: Envizions EVO2 Home Console

It’s been a little while but Zabari returns with a super special episode of the Section Zcast. This episode, Z interviews Derrick Samuels (@DerSamuels), CEO of Envizions, the creators of the EVO and soon to be released EVO 2 home consoles.  He aims to make a casual yet community focused console that we, the community, can actually have a part in.  Zabari is  constantly pondering ways to bring the community together and getting our voices heard, so this is really exciting. But what makes this console even more special is Envizions, Derrick, and Zabari share the hometown of Anniston, AL.

EVO2 is an open source Android based home console, backed up with a online storage system through www.gameboxit.com.  Check out the interview and find out the console’s history and the hurdles it faces to enter the game.

Another commendable feat by his company is his attempt to get his console out to underprivileged kids all around the world with the the 1 Million Dreams charity, http://www.indiegogo.com/EVO-2-Underprivileged-Children-Giveaway .   Zabari knows him and his family personally, hoping for nothing but the best.  Open Forum Radio, Corp is here to support in anyway we can, we hope you do too. 

To download the show, go to http://sectionzcast.podbean.com/feed

Contact information:

Derrick Samuels, CEO of Envizions @DerSamuels
Envizions http://www.envizionsinc.com/features.html