Sports Thoughts 10/28

The Bulls season started last night in a loss to the OKC Thunder in Oklahoma City. Not the best team to open up the season. I fully expect the Thunder to become one of the best of the West in a few years considering every other team is aging and Kevin Durant will come into his own. The Bulls will have their lumps early, considering they get an early Circus trip where they don’t play in Chicago for a two week stretch in November. Luckily their in the weakest division in the East and should be able to earn a middle seed for the playoffs projecting that the Celtics, Magic and Heat all have better records than the Bulls at the end of the regular season.

There’s been a lot of Bears talk, too much in fact considering this week is their buy week. Lovie Smith has shown he’s utter incompetent; Mike Martz is apparently off his medication – leading to questions as if he’s never been on medication, and Jay Cutler has become cantankerous with the media and his teammates, as reports have indicated. A lot of the problems the Bears suffer from can be traced back to oblivious ownership and poor football operations management stemming for poor draft choices and player development. The offensive line is a line of misfits. Unlike quality undrafted gems like Wes Welker or Jeff Saturday, the Bears O-line are rejects for a reason and the proof has been the last four weeks. I call Cutler’s attitude payback for getting sacked multiple times during his tenure as the Bears quarterback. Bears fans have to realize that this is the best quarterback they’ve had in generations. It’s a sad state of affairs when you team still has record holders going back to the 1940’s. Bears fans need to starts siding with Cutler and not the team because the team has proven to be stupid. There’s stubborn and then there’s stupid. The coaching staff in tandem with the front office crossed that threshold a long time ago.

The Blackhawks won against the LA Kings; though did so even with star Marian Hossa going down to an upper body injury. Turco was good enough to win and thankfully they got the win. Good teams win against the teams they’re supposed to beat. This falls in that category and they have another one on deck for Friday when the Blackhawks host Edmonton.

The Rangers lost. Cliff Lee is fallible and while I’m happy to see former White Sox player Juan Uribe lead a charge, I still want the Rangers to win and hopefully the Texas boys can make a stand.