Super Effective Thanks And Christmas Activities

First off, I’d like to thank the Pokemon Podcast: It’s Super Effective crew for having me on and join in the fun on episode 021. I genuinely had a blast recording with all of them and I hope I get the opportunity to be on another episode in the future. Thank you Steve, Aaron, Wil and Catie!

Even though it’s not officially winter, the Chicagoland area is amidst the season’s standard sub-freezing temperatures and enough snow and ice to make anyone a “Grinch”; I can’t wait for the Christmas holiday specifically because of the warmth brought by it.

This weekend was full of Christmas spirit and tradition. Friday night, the girlfriend and I got into the Christmas spirit by taking in a couple of suburban traditions. The first was a neighborhood’s tradition of decorations associated with the Nativity followed by Charlie Brown’s Christmas. I love the Nativity Story and everything that it represents for millions of Catholics and Christians throughout the world. While I know there are other secular and pagan influences on Christmas traditions, the joy, light, song, and splendor of the season can be traced back to the Nativity. “Peace on Earth, and good will toward man”. What’s wrong with those things? After that neighborhood tradition, we went to another called Mooseheart, which is a community that exists to provide a home and family for children without those important pillars. The community is similar to Boys Town in the Omaha metropolitan area though is supported by the Moose Lodge Associations across America. They decorated their community with lights donated or sponsored by various state Moose Associations while touring through their community. It’s genuinely heartwarming to donate and witness the dedication and selflessness of people exemplifying genuine good for those in need and they deserve true recognition of publication for all the good those people do on a daily basis.

On Saturday, we got into the Christmas spirit by taking in one of the signature events of the season, “The Nutcracker”. I hadn’t seen this for nearly two decades and I can certainly have a better appreciation for the production at this age, much more so at that younger age. I’ve always enjoyed the work of Tchaikovsky and the signature music of the production are always a reminder of the Christmas season; but to see both the music and ballet performed with such care and dedication was truly a treat. Early on, I had an associative moment where a well studied gamer would be able to insert cinematic moments from “Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced”. The performers were moving with such fluidity and precision and paired with the music could be swapped equally and nothing would be lost. This could only be done from higher vantage seating. The seats were absolutely spectacular and Chicago’s Auditorium Theatre was a true treat for any performing arts fan. We were seated in the front row of the third level though; we were truly just above the second/first level with the ability to see then entire stage and were able to appreciate every performer’s contribution.

It was a long weekend but it was too busy for gaming though I did get to see “How To Train Your Dragon.” Dreamworks’ original animated features were some of the best originals I’ve seen in a really long time. Both “How To Train Your Dragon” and “Megamind” are deserving of best animated film awards and would seriously put both up against any Disney/Pixar film of recent vintage. I have yet to see Toy Story 3, but I’m tired of the same Pixar formula. I don’t need to cry like a bitch or be emotionally invested in the characters in order for a movie to be outstanding, especially an animated feature. I prefer quality story-telling and originality and so far Dreamworks has done a bang up job, I seriously hope that these two films don’t become franchises because it would seriously take away from the original work.

Well “Bear Weather” came back and bit the Bears in the ass. I believe my crude description of their play via twitter sums up the game and breaking down the Open Forum Radio NFL Picks, everyone had a sub par week considering the records we all were putting up the past few weeks. The Green Bay Packers suffered the biggest loss in not only losing to the Tigers, but their quarterback Aaron Rodgers has suffered his second concussion of the season. The Metrodome’s roof fell in and as an anti-Viking’s fan, I’m all for anything that makes Brett Favre’s life a less comfortable.

Please look for an episode of my co-host Blue’s “Prove Your Point” later in the week, though in the mean time, there is a new episode of Vic’s “The 40cast” where he and his co-host DeviousMrMatt welcome Ralph and Steve from Truthfully Geeking.