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Tap the Craft Episode 134: Milkshake IPAs with Chad

On Episode 134 we invite long time listener Chad Lamasa to guest host with us so we can learn about his craft beer journey.  He also brought us a topic to learn about…the milkshake IPA. We take a look into

Tap the Craft Episode 133: Just the News

It’s Episode 133 and we take on a few craft beer news articles. Revision Brewing out of Sparks, Nevada is booming with 118% single year growth and planning for quadrupling their production by 2022. Hard seltzer is planning a big

Tap the Craft Episode 132: Boozy Sparkling Water

It’s Episode 132 and we take on the topic of hard seltzer water. This “malt beverage” has gained in popularity and we want to find out what it’s all about.  Plus a lot of random beer conversation. So grab a

Tap the Craft Episode 131: Quit Work Brew Beer

In Episode 131 Kris is recording on location at Corporate Ladder Brewing with owner/brewer Blake Keppe. We discuss how he kicked the corporate ladder to the curb to pursue his passion of brewing beer and opening his own brewery. We

Tap the Craft Episode 130: Ireland Craft Beer Experience

Denny just returned from Ireland, so Episode 130 is devoted to exploring the Ireland craft beer experience around the country…and the craft beer scene is pretty awesome. We also announce the winner of the 3rd set of BCUPs given away. 

Tap the Craft Episode 129: Craft Beer Growth and Struggles

In Episode 129 we discuss some craft beer news articles surrounding some production growth and struggles as the craft beer market expands. We discuss an article about how the craft beer community supports their own in times of need. Plus