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OFR 367 – Texas Flood

OFR Season 8 (Episode 40 ) – Texas Flood Thursday, August 30th 2017 9:57 EST.   (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com) TMO takes on Hurricane Harvey – Thoughts & Prayers to everyone in Southeast Texas. Helping anyway you can: Fans have responded

PYP 77: E3 2015 Pontifications

Aaron aka Ind1fference from the GameEnthus podcast, drops in to make E3 2015 predictions with KnoxBroadcast and JRHAce (fka Aceblack) and me, Bluemanrule.  Sit back for this long, but enjoyable ride! 30:00:  E3 predictions Bethesda New: Dishonored, FallOut 4 gameplay

OFR 253: The Fallout

TMO, Vladz, Blueman, Derek and even ACE (later of course), are with us this week as we talk about Fallout4, E3, Size matters, Game of Thrones, Sports and MUCH MUCH MORE on episode 253 of Open Forum Radio!!!! Podcast: Play

OFR PAXEast 2011 Inside Track with Paul Wedgwood- Brink

My brief interview with Splash Damage’s Paul Wedgewood, Executive Producer on Brink, reveals some very enticing details regarding the First Person shooter. Brink takes place in a secluded culture experiencing a civil war.  The fight is not over principals but resources.  The