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Tap the Craft Episode 50: Go Gose or Go Home

We dive into the history books in Episode 50 as we discuss the Gose style notes. This beer style has been resurrected from the grave and has been very popular of late.  We also answer some listener questions concerning oxidation,

Tap the Craft Episode 49: Reinheitsgebot Revealed

In Episode 49 we explain the Reinheitsgebot and provide some background to this interesting beer purity law.  We also discuss our American Craft Beer Week activities and some of the great beers we have tried.  We encourage you to participate

Tap the Craft Episode 48: The McKenzie Experience

In Episode 48 we have our Facebook administrator Kris McKenzie joining us to discuss his craft beer journey and some of our favorite beers and the beer we need to drink one day. Lots of great beer talk and fun,

Tap the Craft Episode 47: Pale Ale Explosion

In Episode 47 we overload you with American Pale Ale love with a style guideline overview as well as a tasting note segment with a classic Pale Ale.  Don’t worry, we also cover a listener question concerning how to come

Tap the Craft Episode 45: The Art of Turning 21

Every new 21 year old needs some advice to follow while visiting drinking establishments…well in Episode 45 we go over the steps to making your first legal drinking experience safe and fun.  We discuss a news article on how scaling