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Tap the Craft Episode 71: Bigfoot, Barleywine and Brewing Process

Episode 71 is a content packed show with a breakdown of the American Barleywine style based on the BJCP style guidelines as well as a tasting notes segment with the 2017 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine. We dive into the brewing

Tap the Craft Episode 17: Water Never Tasted So Good

Water, water, water…believe it or not, water plays a very important part in the brewing process. In Episode17 of Tap the Craft John and Denny talk about the science of water in brewing and how the minerals found in the

Tap the Craft Episode 13: Brewing Process 101

Learn about the beer brewing process in Episode13 of Tap the Craft.  This episode focuses on educating the listener on the brewing process so you can understand the stages when discussed in future shows.  We also have our listener participation