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Tap the Craft Episode 125: All About the Brut IPA

In Episode 125 we discuss the Brut IPA…the latest IPA style that emerged just over a year ago. Find out about the history and the newly printed style guidelines from the American Homebrewers Association via Zymurgy Magazine. Will this new

Tap the Craft Episode 124: Tart with a Side of Effervescence

It’s starting to warm up so why not refresh yourself with some Berliner Weisse style beers?  In Episode 124 we discuss the BJCP style guidelines for this wonderful tart or slightly sour German wheat beer.  We also discuss a couple

Tap the Craft Episode 123: Times Are A Changin’

In Episode 123 we discuss a couple articles that show that things in the craft beer world are changing…good for some, and not so good for others.  Kris and Denny have some great conversation for nearly a two hour show.

Tap the Craft Episode 122: Never Give Up

John joins us in Episode 122 and despite facing technical difficulties we press on to chat about beer and discuss a few craft beer articles provided by our listeners. So grab a beer and enjoy the show! We are proud

Tap the Craft Episode 121: Fabulous Flagship Beer

In Episode 121 we expound on the topic of flagship beers and their importance in the craft beer world. We didn’t give The Gnarly Gnomes voicemail question enough love in the last episode, so we make up for it now.

Tap the Craft Episode 120: Winter IPA Wonderland

Winter is in full season so in Episode 120 we discuss some winter IPAs you might want to try. Find out what makes an IPA a winter style IPA.  We also announce the winner of our 2nd BCup contest, So