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Tap the Craft Episode 146: It’s Jim Dandy

In Episode 146 we are happy to share with you an interview with the owners/brewers from Jim Dandy Brewing in Pocatello, ID. We learn how Davis and Hailee Gove started their brewing journey and why they were moved to bring

Tap the Craft Episode 145: Old Brown Belgian Ale

In Episode 145 we talk about some old brown ale from Belgium…the Flanders Oud Bruin style.  Find out what makes this gateway sour ale so special and why it’s a great beer to cellar for a few years too. We

Tap the Craft Episode 144: Craft Beer Sports Sponsorships

In Episode 144 we discuss how craft beer has penetrated into major sports sponsorships, as well as the current big beer stranglehold in the stands and stadiums. We also briefly cover the “state of craft beer in 2019” and announce

Tap the Craft Episode 143: History of Belgian Witbier

In Episode 143 we revisit a topic briefly discussed during our history of beer segments…the Belgian Witbier. We discuss the history of the style and how it was resurrected, as well as a brief explanation of the tasting style notes.

Tap the Craft Episode 142: Hello 2020

In Episode 142 we talk about our Year in Beer stats and a blog post from BeerCrunchers.com talking about some interesting predictions in the beer industry for 2020. Plus a lot of random beer conversation. So grab a beer and

Tap the Craft Special #8 – 40cast Brew Buzz Ep72

The segment you are listening to today aired on Ep72 of the 40cast in Oct 2011. We talk about the history of the India Pale Ale beer style.  Now remember this aired back in 2011 when the IPA was just