OFR 481 – OFR Redemption

Open Forum Radio – Episode 481 OFR Season 10 (Episode 49) – OFR Redemption    Tuesday, November 5th 2019 9:53 EST Introduction & Roll Call: AA, Derek, Vladz, Whiskey, (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com) Happy Red Dead Redemption PC day! Red Dead Redemption

Facetious 126: You Fooled Yo’Self

This week, @Scarfinger & @lasberry discuss E3 2018, and more on episode 126 of Facetious! Let’s get it!

OFR 356 – E3 ME X Gonna Give It To Ya

Open Forum Radio OFR Season 8 (Episode 29) – X Gonna Bring It To Ya’ Tuesday, June 13th 2017 9:51 EST. Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Vladz, Derek, Jason Main Topics/Group Discussion: (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com) Let’s talk about X baby!

OFR 329 – Straight Outta the Trailer Park

Open Forum Radio – Episode 329 OFR Season 8 (Episode 4) – OFR Straight Outta of the Trailer Park Tuesday, Dec 6th 2016 – 9:30 EST   Introduction & Roll Call: Color Key: Tmo, Vladz, Derek, Jason, MeefJ Main Topics/Group