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OFR 306 – Exploding Head Syndrome

  E3 Hangover So many games thrown at us….  What are we still excited about VR made people sick If you are gonna spew…. : on the verge of puking while playing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard A Fun VR Experience

OFR 305 – E32016 Big Show Spectacular

E3!!!! (See also Blue’s notes Mega Notes ) Great Xbox One S with additional processing power , All the Xbox / Windows 10 cross-buy, cross-play = Play anywhere, Minecraft, Personalized Xbox Controllers (Cool but the price!), Gears of War 4,

The Episode of DOOM – OFR 301

  OFR Special Guest: Jason O’Malley aka @jomalley6291981 One month till E3!!!!! – The countdown begins The New PS4 Releasing A Little Sooner Than You Think New releases: Doom Reviews Homefront the Revolution Reviews Amazon takes aim at YouTube with new