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Slashertainment Ep1 – Stormi Maya interview

Slashertainment Podcast Episode 1  Join Slahertainment Host Derek aka Detroitslasher and co-host Bill aka Vladzhammer as we interview our favorite Scream Queen Stormi Maya.    Stormi Maya Instagram      @StormiMaya Stormi Maya – IMDB YouTube: Stromi Maya Watch Stormi now in:

PYP 49: SotI Summer 2014 B-Side

This is Side B (2 of 2) of the The State of the industry podcast. This show we concentrate on software, marketplaces (digital and physical), exclusive console and retailer content and the one console future with regard to Microsoft, Sony,

PYP 11: My Life is an Open Comic Book

Matt (Patriot1030) and Mike (Scarfinger) join Larry (Bluemanrule) as they discuss the propsect of a Halo: Combat Evolved remake.  Then, today’s debate topic gets under way.  Are Comic books still a relevant entertainment medium?  You’ll be surprised with the answer! Then we