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OFR 290 – Cap Guns and Tshirts

Blueman, Vladz, DetroitSlasher, Faitios and Knox are holding it down on Ep 290 for TMO who joins us on this episode via a clip. Our prayers and thoughts are with TMO as he is dealing with recovery.  This episode we

OFRFiles 286 – I Want To Believe

TMO, Detroitslasher, Vladz and Faitios are back for OFR 286 along with a clip from Bluemanrule. This week we talk about the return of the X-files, the OFR gang and friends going to PAX SOUTH 2016, a new He-man movie?, The

OFR 277 – OFR the 7 Year Itch

Tuesday, Nov 24th – 9:30 EST (OFR #1 recorded 11/24/09) The 7 Year Itch is upon us! Happy Birthday to us as we enter the 7th Season of OFR. Bluemanrule, Tmo, Vladz, Derek the DetroitSlasher, Denny from Tap the Craft

PYP 59: Clarity

Jason, a.k.a Faitios of My Peanut Gallery, drops in to discuss many things.  we give honor to Stuart Scott, former Sportscenter anchor who passed away from cancer this past week. We then discuss the pending PAX South meet-up in San

My Peanut Gallery ep#5

Join Faitios and Vladz as they talk about life, and get deep into Gotham spoilers.

OFR 208 – His Royal Badness

The one with Faitios. Join Blueman, ACE, TMO, Vladz and Faitios on Ep 208 as we talk Comics, Star Wars, Google Skynet stuff, Consoles not being dead, Best/Worst and Top 3 along with Sports and more.