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COP Ep 11 – Conspiracy Otter vs Cryptozoology

Why are there so many examples of sightings worldwide of creatures that science says do not exist????? Cryptozoology & Mythological creatures  Cryptozoology (‘the study of hidden animals’), attempts to prove the existence of entities from the folklore record, such as: 

One Love – Episode 149 of Open Forum Radio

A star studded cast tonight as Zabari and Golf_Rat stop by OFR studios to talk about the Xbox One reveal. Join them along with Blueman, TMO, Vladz, Ace and VicJoh as we discuss gaming news and things we thought were

OFR 103 – E3 recap, Game of Thrones, Watermelons, Burning Skies, Bass Tracks, and more

Open Forum Radio’s Ep 103 ! We rip E3 apart, talk about video games / what they showed us and what we wanted to see, melons, Ace getting taller (I mean older… Happy Birthday ACE!!) Hope you enjoy this OFR

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