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OFR 257 – OFR The Closed Alpha

How was your 4th of July? Cow Tours Cattlefront is AWESOME!! (Farm simulator of course….shhh!!!) Current/Next Gen Graphics, Mega-reoccurring characters/actors in movies, Amazon Prime anniversary sale, Dead Heads final show, TV, Movies, Video Games, Puppies!!!, Sports and MORE!!   And

OFR 200 – OFR of Future Past

TMO and Vladz are with you on a milestone episode for Open Forum Radio, this is our 200th OFRcast Episode we talk Games, History, Podcasts, Tech, E3, TV, Movies and Sports. Hope you enjoy this show and come back for

OFR 183 – Excuse Me I Believe You Have My Stapler

Bluemanrule, AceBlack and Vladz Hammer are joined by THE TALENT, the internet’s favorite podcaster and luckiest contest winner out there.. MeefJ We have a bunch of fun this episode and hope you enjoy the show. Here is the Gears of