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Facetious 31: Ice Box Cake

Scar and I discuss the OK heat, Pokemon Go and Mike’s life changes. All this and more on episode 31 of Facetious

Facetious 2: All About Lebron

I discuss the greatness that is LeBron James, his dynasty and life after the NBA Finals

Toe to Toe – Episode 151

VicJoh jumps in and saves Vladz from running solo on Ep 151 of Open Forum Radio. We talk about the big bout, MS & Sony going Toe to Toe next week at E3, Game of Thrones, Games, Movies, Sports and

Moving Right Along: That’s No Gouda

Last night, I finished what had turned into a two night escapade in tracking down the 100 feathers in Assassin’s Creed 2 last night. What frustrated me the most is that there were two separate “San Marco” districts and I

OFR 52 Supplement

Amidst the holidays and hullabaloo, this is my favorite time of year to sneak in a few vacation days and luckily I was able to set all of them up for and arrange for long weekends. Yesterday, the Open Forum