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Tap the Craft Episode 84: Great American Beer Festival 2017

We discuss the 2017 Great American Beer Festival and some of the award winning beers and breweries in Episode 84. John keeps us updated on the progress of the brewery construction and Denny talks about some new breweries opening in

Tap the Craft Episode 83: Going to the Hop Farm

In Episode 83 we take a trip to the hop farm and talk about the experience at Gooding Farms on the Merry Hopsters Bus Tour put on by Bittercreek Alehouse.  We also cover the American Lager style guidelines according to

Tap the Craft Episode 82: American Cream Ale

Episode 82 is a short one covering the American Cream Ale style guidelines according to the BJCP. Denny also talks about the third annual 10 Barrel Brewing IPA Beer Wars festival and some noteworthy beers. So grab a beer and

Tap the Craft Episode 81: Scofflaw’d Customer Satisfaction

In Episode 81 we discuss an article concerning how a new popular Atlanta brewery is handling some criticism on social media. Social media can be a huge benefit to small craft breweries, but it can also help kill your brand

Tap the Craft Episode 80: Dangers of Brewing

In Episode 80 we get get a little serious and discuss the dangers of operating a commercial brewery and focus our topic around kettle boil overs. We summarize the story of Kerry Caldwell’s brewery accident told on the Master Brewers

Tap the Craft Episode 79: Best Beers List

In Episode 79 Kris, John and Denny decide to make their own best beer list to share with the community.  So find out what beers make the cut and feel free to make your own list and share with us.