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OFR 385 – OFR Wants To Go Fast

Open Forum Radio – Episode 385 OFR Season 9 (Episode 6) – OFR Wants To Go Fast Tuesday, January 2nd  2018 9:49 EST. (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com) Are you ready to go FAST? Gigabit LTE will give your current phone insane

PYP 41: Nothing Beta (Free Roam)

Bluemanrule freeroams with JVB, co-owner of Talking About Games and co-host of Podtacular, Gamertag Radio, Post Game Report.  In this show we discuss JVB’s history in podcasting, challenges as the ECA Community Manager, and fanboyism.  We discuss the difference between

OFR 178 – An OFR Christmas

TMO, Vladz, ACE (and Blueman via audio clip) bring you OFR 178 to wrap up 2013, Our Game(s) of the Year, wish you a Merry Christmas and get into our best/worst and top things of the week….plus sports and more.

Kinect Adventures & Dance Central Reviews

I’ve recently been spending a fair amount of my gaming time with the Kinect Add-on for the 360. After E3, nothing looked to impressive for Microsoft’s answer to the Wii and the PS3 Move, but this is the strongest launch