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Facetious 128 S3, E24: Legalized

This week, @Scarfinger & @lasberry discuss the summer, Netflix, and more on episode 128 of Facetious! Let’s get it! 2:00 – Those Aural skills 10:00 – Blue Bell ice creams extremely sad music commercial & Blue Bell Gospel Song 22:00

Facetious 100: Middle C

This week, @anthonyalex joins @Scarfinger & @lasberry to celebrate episode 100, Unicorn Balls, legacies and more on episode 100 of Facetious! Let’s get it! Boomerangs: 11:00 – Darrin’s Unicorn Balls: You’d smoke a vape liquid called thug juice but you

PYP 15: Appellate Court

Bluemanrule has to chase Scarfinger down to get him to show up because it appears that he’s scared. Anthony Alex & Appellate Judge Aceblack time and judge two popular topics.: 1)  Should America legalize mariuana? 2)  Is Xbox Live responsible

PYP 7: I Got Five On It

This week’s news section discusses Fallout: New Vegas moving 5 million units despite being broken.  Then, we breakdown the maunfacturing costs associated with Kinect and ponder if Microsoft is charging a high premium for the new motion-peripheral.  Are gamers and