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OFR 212 – Cheers!

Bluemanrule, Vladzhammer and Shayward bring you OFR 212 and welcome new shows to the OFR Network   Current List of active shows: Open Forum Radio – OFRcast The 40Cast Prove Your Point Geeks FTW I Recommend MovieNightATW My Peanut Gallery

PYP 46: The Shay Forward

Steven a.k.a Shayward23 drops by to discuss the Destiny beta and it’s abbreviated time frame on the Xbox One.  We then discuss the hype behind No Man’s Sky and pontificate on Microsoft’s corporate shift in direction.  NCAA football playoffs and

PYP 45: Podcasting.Veteran

VicJohUSMC86 stops by to discuss everything from politics to beer.  We rap about his military life, family and their shared love for games.  We delve into what starting him into podcasting, his start at TAG and his co-founding of Open

OFR 178 – An OFR Christmas

TMO, Vladz, ACE (and Blueman via audio clip) bring you OFR 178 to wrap up 2013, Our Game(s) of the Year, wish you a Merry Christmas and get into our best/worst and top things of the week….plus sports and more.

Facetious 4: Passing the Mike

Facetious #4: Passing the Mic – Former podcaster and long-time friend Mike drops in my hangout to discuss retiring from podcasting, the impact of the loss of Giantbomb’s Ryan Davis, and Dwight Howard.

OFR 132 – Your Honor, I must object!

TinPan aka BlueOysterRebel drops back in OFR studios for a visist on OFR 132 to discuss this 504 Patent issue. Some fool is claiming a patent on podcasting and is taking BIG name podcasts to court. We talk about the