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OFR 462 – OFR Wheels

Open Forum Radio – Episode 462 OFR Season 10 (Episode 30) – OFR Wheels Tuesday, June 18th 2019 9:55 EST Introduction & Roll Call: TMO, Whiskey, Derek, Vladz,   (Feedback at OFRfeedback@gmail.com) Hot Wheels goes digital This looks cool for

OFR 333 – Only Half Evil Technology

Open Forum Radio – Episode 333 OFR Season 8 (Episode 7) – OFR Only Half Evil Technology Tuesday, January 3rd 2017 – 9:30 EST   Introduction & Roll Call: Color Key: Tmo, Vladz, Derek, Jason Main Topics/Group Discussion: (Feedback at

OFR 284 – Aftermath

TMO, Vladz and Detroit are back for Ep 284 We talk about trademarking catch phrases, Billion Dollar plus Jackpots, Early Adopters not getting screwed this time with Oculus VR, the cost of VR, RIP David Bowie, Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry’s