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PYP 100: SoTI 2 of 2

Scarfinger, KnoxBroadcast, and Aceblack finish discussing the State of the Gaming Industry as we see it in December 2015. Most importantly, we plead for the return of the gaming community.  Thank you so much for listening to PYP. It has been

PYP 85: Voicemail Music

Scar and I reminiscence on Voicemail music and MJ tunes.  We delve into Mass Effect 2 chronology and more.  Enjoy Prove Your Point 85!

PYP 69: Sticky Buns

I am joined by  Mike “Scarfinger” to discuss human’s natural tendency to hit it and quit it, the latest PS4 update, and break down Square Enix’s 2014 Financial Report. Then, the topic of the week revolves around fanangel.com, a crowd-funding

PYP 68: Snap Bracelets and PC gaming

Mike a.k.a “Scarfinger” a.k.a Real Talk joins me to simulcast a Scarcasm live. We discuss everything from Wearable electronics to slap bracelets. This is starting to become a regular thing and I like it. Enjoy PYP68. 2:45 – Samsung Flexible

PYP 63: Ten of the Gen

Mike “Scarfinger” from Geeks Gone Raw and Henry “Knoxbroadcast” drop in to discuss the top 10 games of last generation.  This show failed to decide who’s tougher, Denzel Washington or Liam Neeson.  That, PYPers, will be next week. Until then, end

PYP 62: Irony

This week sees a return of Mike a.k.a Scarfinger.  We discuss his issues getting a cellphone, ponder his vacillation between an Alienware Steam box or an Xbox One and Playstation topics.  We then discuss MAGFest, the Mass Effect 4 Rumors