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Slashertainment Ep1 – Stormi Maya interview

Slashertainment Podcast Episode 1  Join Slahertainment Host Derek aka Detroitslasher and co-host Bill aka Vladzhammer as we interview our favorite Scream Queen Stormi Maya.    Stormi Maya Instagram      @StormiMaya Stormi Maya – IMDB YouTube: Stromi Maya Watch Stormi now in:

OFR 270 – OFRN Moonspike

TMO, Blueman, Detroit and Vladz announce OFR’s plans to join the Moonspike crowdfund to send the OFR Network show names, gamertags and people who review any of the OFR Network Shows on iTunes to the MOON!! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/moonspike/moonspike-the-worlds-first-crowdfunded-moon-rocket We also talk about