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Tap the Craft Episode 71: Bigfoot, Barleywine and Brewing Process

Episode 71 is a content packed show with a breakdown of the American Barleywine style based on the BJCP style guidelines as well as a tasting notes segment with the 2017 Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine. We dive into the brewing

Tap the Craft Episode 70: Location, Location, Location

In Episode 70 we revisit some common tasting terms and the key components to look for when you take those first sips.  We also talk about how to find the perfect property for your new start up craft brewery.  We

Tap the Craft Episode 69: Trek Into the Future

We have a very big show for Episode 69 with a discussion of the BJCP style guidelines for the American Amber Ale as well as a tasting notes segment with the Ninkasi Believer Double Red Ale.  We also have our

Tap the Craft Episode 68: Untappd 3.0 Unleashed

Episode 68 keeps you informed on the new Untappd 3.0 update and provides you with a good dose of our buddy Kris McKenzie too. We love it when Kris joins the show because he provides our east coast listeners some

Tap the Craft Episode 67: Up In Smoked Beers

Stoke the fire because Episode 67 hits you with a bit of smoked beer talk.  Learn about the classic smoked beer style guidelines followed by a tasting of the Alaskan Smoked Porter. There is a new Kickstarter campaign called the

Tap the Craft Episode 64: 2017 Craft Beer Predictions

Episode 64 starts off 2017 with some craft beer predictions for the year.  We welcome Kris McKenzie back as a guest host as John is enjoying some vacation time.  Kris and Denny discuss two articles with different takes on the